Mormon History

1805 – Joseph Smith, Jr. is born.

1820 – Smith claims God and Jesus Christ revealed themselves to him.

1823 – The Angel Moroni first appears to Joseph Smith.

1826 – Smith is arrested for “peepstoning”, using his magical stones for treasure hunting.

1827 – Smith claims that Moroni revealed the Gold Plates to him.

1830 – After three years of translation, Smith publishes The Book of Mormon (the plates are reportedly recovered by Moroni and are no longer on Earth).

1830 – The Church of Christ, as it is then called, is organized.

1831 – Smith is run out of Palmyra, NY and leads his followers to Kirkland, Ohio.

1834 – The name is changed to “The Church of Latter Day Saints”.

1837 – Smith and his followers relocate to Independence, Missouri, 1000 miles away.

1839 – Smith and his followers are driven out at gunpoint, and relocate to Nauvoo, Illinois.

1843 – Joseph Smith proclaims a revelation, and the Mormon doctorine of plural marriage, or polygamy, is set forth (although may have really occurred earlier).

1844 – Joseph Smith announces his candidacy for President of the United States.

1844 – Smith is arrested for inciting a riot, in which the local newspaper office is burned down for publishing an unflattering article. While trying to escape from jail with the assistance of his brother who is killed, Smith shoots three men, killing two of them, and is in turn gunned down as he tries to escape.

1846 – Brigham Young leads the Latter Day Saint followers to Utah

1890 – A decree goes out from the Church that polygamy is no longer to be practiced.

2011 – Two members of the LDS faith, Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman Jr., emerge as serious contenders for the Republican Presidential nomination.